How to Enjoy Quality Air by Selecting the Right Purifier?

You have the option to purchase the best air purifier to enjoy quality air and reap all the long-term health benefits. So that you can avoid all health risks by making an investment in the air cleaner. But before that, you need to decide the right air purifier for it. So check out this 2 step process for its selection.

Step 1- Identifying the Air Pollutant

Air purifiers help you to get rid any air pollutant. But it is important to identify the type of air pollutant. So that you can select the right kind of air purifier for your home accordingly. Also, this decision will help you in buying the best air purifier. For more details on buying it, you can check this Now let’s check the details about the most common type of pollutants.


First is volatile organic compounds that are chemicals and can cause irritation and is hazardous to your health. These are mostly found in household items such as disinfectant, glue, etc. They get easily mixed with air and can affect your inhalation process. Second is tobacco smoke which is absorbed by your furniture, carpets and other household items in your house. Its smell will accumulate in the rooms and affect your health badly. Third is microorganisms that include viruses, bacteria, pathogens and antigens. These germs will make you sick. Last is airborne particles that include fungi, mold spores, pollen, pet dander, plant spores and dust mites. These particles can cause serious diseases such as asthma attacks and allergic irritation.

Step 2- Understanding Your Needs

There is a difference in removing the particles like harmful gasses, viruses, or bacteria completely and only purification. So it is necessary to check the type of filter required depending on the air quality in your home. Identify the right kind of air pollutant as mentioned above. After identifying the particles select the filter like carbon filters have the ability to absorb odors and harmful gasses so it can be used for tobacco smoke. In fact, charcoal is a natural filter that helps in removing odors that pass through it. HEPA filter can remove the 99.97% of the particles and ideal for reducing allergens and airborne particles. If you want to remove very minute particle, then charged media filter is the best. You can also remove bacteria and harmful microorganisms using antibacterial filters.

So by knowing the type of particles and selecting the right kind of filter for it, you can get rid of air pollutants and can live a healthy life.

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