Try Super Mario Run the most interesting game

It would be really interesting to play video games as it engages the person in the game play and makes them to have enjoyable gaming time. That is why people use to choose the games that give them exciting time of playing as there are different kinds of games in the market. Out of different genres of games people use to have one or more favorite genre so that they would have interesting games to play. The main reason for playing video games is to pass the free time interestingly. So they don’t choose any kind of games to play as they look for the games with interesting game play.

Usually as people choose to play their favorite games they choose genres such as action, adventure, thrilling, sports, racing and many other games. Platform game genre is the one of the most chosen genre as it will be full of interesting elements and interesting game play. Different kinds of platform genre games are there, still Super Mario is the one of the most famous game that is been famous for many decades. This game attracts all ages of gamers as they find this game as the best game ever for playing. The game has interesting game play but still the game is easy to play and it will be fun to play this game.


The recent version of this game is Super Mario Run with most interesting features added. The game is set in way that player has side scroll the character called Mario to reach the destination. There will be multiple hindrances in the midst of the way to reach the destination so player has to make Mario jump to escape the hindrances that takes the life of Mario. There will be many benefits such as coins, gold and other things on the way that should be taken by Marion to increase scores. This game is available for download in iOS platform but scheduled to be released for the android users by 2017. Players can download it for free from online as it is available for free in many sites.


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